Lisa Oddie

Lisa Oddie

People Scientist

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge across wellbeing, psychological safety, organisational development, performance, and culture. She applies principles from Industrial and Organisational (I/O) psychology to focus on the development of evidence-based and practical organisational development solutions. As a registered psychologist she is held to account to operate inline with strict codes of practice.  When she’s not working, you can find her having coffee, spending time with family, enjoying days at the beach, and winter skiing in New Zealand.

Career highlights:  

  • 10 years management experience in large corporate entities leading large teams of psychologists to deliver workplace health, safety, and wellbeing interventions for the Sydney region.
  • Servicing a broad range of industries including government, health, corporate, and banking.
  • Conducting academic research into narcissistic traits and cue utilisation.
  • Building a career around improving the mental health and wellbeing of both individuals and organisations.
  • Establishing a boutique psychological services and coaching practice.

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