Paul Stewart

Paul Stewart


Paul is renowned for unlocking new insights by asking different questions of organisational leaders. This approach has been borne from over 30years of diverse experience as a Chief Economist, CEO, C-Suite roles and consulting in organisational and social change, transformation and innovation. This has included working directly with CEOs and executives throughout the world. Paul leads our strategic alignment work for content development. Paul lives in coastal Northland, New Zealand and enjoys everything this special place of the world has to offer when he’s not working.

Career highlights:  

  • Co-authored of the international best-selling book, Branded Customer Service, which shone anew light on CX strategies
  • Leading the development of social change systems to better enable support culture and capability development
  • Helping to design the global road-policing organisational strategy for the UN’s mandated Make Roods Safe, decade of action initiative
  • Chief Economist of ANZ bank through the period of the Asian Financial Crisis

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