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Leadrly combines effective and engaging content, tools and instruction on how to improve teamwork and lift performance with today’s need to learn in the flow of work.

Hybrid team working

The Leadrly process.

Leadrly's Microsoft Teams app provides a consistent approach backed by behavioural science that makes effective team leadership easy.

Conversation guide with popouts

The right conversation at the right time.

Use pulse checks and self-assessments to pinpoint the areas in your team that need a lift. Review suggested conversations to get a clear understanding of why they're important, what they will help you achieve and when to use them.

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Character sitting at a desk

Set-up for success.

Set aside 10 mins to:

  • Read and watch supporting content.
  • Review the conversation guide, exercises, tools and techniques.
  • Gather your thoughts, observations and experiences to share with your team.
Get Started

Get everyone onboard.

Share the focus for why you’ve come together and the insights you’ve gained from your preparation. Help put everyone at ease and build positive energy with stories, icebreaker and warm-up exercises.

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Characters chatting to each other

Share experiences.

Invite everyone to share their thoughts in a safe and supportive environment so they feel seen, heard and that they belong in the team.


Co-create and prioritise ideas.

Engage your team with exercises, tools and techniques to generate fresh ideas and develop new ways to work better together.

Characters exploring ideas
Characters taking action
Take Action

Make change happen.

Agree and commit to implement new practices to accelerate collaboration and boost the performance of your team.


The go-to app for leaders to get the best from their teams.


'How-to' guides for engaging teams, navigating challenges and improving what's working, to get the best from everyone.


Regular conversations that boost individual team member's engagement, performance, and commitment to the team.

Leader boosts

Coached peer-to-peer workshops and bespoke leadership development modules that enable continuous improvement and development.

Pulse checks

Quick surveys that establish team alignment, engagement, and identify areas that need immediate focus.

Tools & techniques

Simple and effective ways to improve communication, collaboration and behaviour.


Fun and engaging ways for teams to create better ways to work together.

Leadership challenges. Sorted.

Challenge and module cards stacked

Everything leaders need to manage challenges and encourage change in their teams, sorted into handy action packs they can use at their own pace.

Teamwork essentials
Hybrid working
New team
Customer experience
Team reset
Embracing change

Teamwork essentials

Leaders learn and develop key leadership skills to help their team members thrive.

Hybrid working

A winning formula of routines and rituals to lead teams of people working from home and the office.

New team

Lays the foundation for leaders to help a new team gel and do great work from day one.


Builds the psychological safety for teams to trust and support each other to perform at their best.

Focus on immediate needs

Leaders choose what support they need from the library of one-to-one conversations, team talks, and pulse checks and put it into action with their team.

Application explore page with cards.

Assemble a personal toolkit

Leaders save their favourite content and integrate it into their team’s routines and rituals.

Application favourites page.
Man's face

Two out of three managers are uncomfortable communicating with their employees.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Leadrly's one-to-one's and team-talks give your leaders the confidence to engage their teams and encourage performance.

Your leaders are the key to unlocking your organisation’s potential.

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